We live in very close proximity to one another. Please follow common etiquette:

  1. Clean up after yourself. If you spill something in the hallway, elevator, or parking lot, clean it up immediately.  

  2. Always pick up after your pets.

  3. In-unit noise levels should always be kept at a level which will not disturb the occupants of neighboring units. Volume levels should be lowered between 11 PM and 8 AM.

  4. Keep noise to a minimum in hallways (163) and on walkways (165).

  5. No smoking in hallways (163) and on walkways (163 & 165).


The association has 1 guest spot available: #32 (in the left-rear corner of the surface lot) 

  1. The space is to be used for short-term parking only.

  2. Vehicles should not block the pedestrian door to the garage.

  3. Guests who are using space #32, must display a note in the front window of their vehicle, indicating which unit the guest is visiting.  In this way, the unit owner can be contacted in the event the vehicle needs to be moved.


  1. Howard Kreitzman, owner of space #17, will be using the guest spot. This allows the plows to dump snow in and around corner parking bay 17.

  2. Please do not allow guests, contractors, etc. to park in spot #32 during snow storms.

  3. Normal use of space #32 can begin once snow has been fully cleared from space #17.



All numbered spaces in the parking lot are private property and under complete control of the unit owner. If the owner finds an unknown car parked in their space, he or she has the right to have that car towed. Trustees are not responsible and will not call the towing company.


The driveway area in front of the 163 trash room is meant for commercial vehicles and residents needing a few moments to load their car. The maximum standing time here is 15 minutes. Residents needing the space for extended periods, typically for moving vans, are asked to inform the Trustees. Trustees will tow unauthorized vehicles.


Only 4 units in the association may be rented. Any unit owner wishing to rent their unit must submit a written request along with their anticipated leasing schedule, to the Board of Trustees by January 15 of each year. If the Trustees receive more than 4 requests, they shall choose based on a lottery system. Leases can start as early as June 1 or as late as September 1. Lease terms must be 12 months. Refer to Rules and Regulations, Rule 21 on the Documents page for additional information.


Please note the City of Boston Rental Ordinance found on the Documents page.

The Master Deed specifically prohibits Airbnb, hotel, bed & breakfast use of units or portions of units.


The contents of the spaces in the parking garage must be totally enclosed within the lines defining those spaces. They cannot project into the public space. All objects other than cars, motorcycles, or bicycles must be stored in enclosed, lockable, storage bins. 



Please place all trash in GREEN bins and recyclables in BLUE bins. It is not acceptable to drop trash or recyclables in the hallway, on the floor of the trash room, or on top of a bin.


Please do not discard furniture in the trash room. The cleaning crew will not bring it out to the street. Please place unwanted furniture along the curb of Chestnut Hill Avenue AFTER 5 PM on Wednesday and BEFORE 6 AM on Thursday. The City of Boston will pickup furniture during their weekly trash service. Discarding furniture outside of these times will result in a fine by the city.



The 163 trash room is very small. Please collapse ALL boxes prior to placing in the recycle bins.



As owners, we each have a stake in our properties and the shared use of our grounds. It is important that everyone adheres to the agreed upon rules of our association, and in particular, the rules outlined above.


Trustees will document dates of infractions and inform ECPM. Penalties for infractions are as follows:

  • First Offense: $25

  • Second Offense: $50

  • Third Offense: $100

  • Additional Offenses: $100 (and in the case of parking infractions, towing of car)


Chestnut Hill Gardens Condominium Association  |  Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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